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Simply Forms for JIRA & Confluence

Simply Forms is a platform to create, distribute and process data with few simple clicks. You can easily manage and track your business data across the organization. Create forms, collect and organize the information you need to make smarter decisions.

Form Builder

Form Template Library

Start by selecting a template from the the library or create a brand new forms with few clicks. You can construct forms by simply dragging and dropping the fields on the form builder. Apply rules and formatting to make it look awesome and gather data using a great user experience.
Custom JQL
Games List
Manage form behavior and settings from one convenient place. Collaborate by adding other team members as contributors on the form. Create a streamlined approval process and keep everyone in the loop on their tasks. One click approval or rejection, automatic notification for status change and much much more.


Create now and publish later. You can easily set a date for the form to be published. Create perpetual forms, allow multiple form submissions and easily add forms to be part of form library. Simply Forms gives a facility to publish forms to all the users or gather information from a specific audience.

My dashboard

Manage all your assignments and tasks from one single place. The dashboard gives you an overall view of your in progress and waiting tasks. It also lists down the forms that requires your approval. Form creator or Administrators can easily view the form data submitted by the users. The data can be easily downloaded to your spreadsheet software.


Manage roles and user permissions from one central location. Manage who can create, edit, view forms and reports, simply by assigning users to the approriate role.The plugin comes with following pre-defined set of roles :
  • Administrator - The role has full access to manage and configure the plugin.
  • Form Administrator - The role has full access to manage and configure forms.
  • Form Editor - The role can create and manage its own forms.

Process integration


Ability to securly capture data from outside JIRA / Confluence and merge it with your internal workflows.

Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and do not give away collected personal information. We may use the collected information to improve our services.

Terms and Scope

On this page, "we" means Designextech LLC. "You" means the end-user of the plugin or the legal entity who is the licensee or the user of our service - as applicable to the subject matter. This privacy policy applies to both personal information (which can be attributed to a specific individual) and non-personal information that is collected by us in our plugin.

Data Storage

Designextech cloud apps are hosted on Google and IONOS cloud servers. Physically, data centers are located in USA. Access to the Designextech servers and data is strictly limited only to Designextech support team. Our support team periodically inspects servers to troubleshoot issues and monitor application performance.

Data Collection and Usage of Personal Data

Any data that is collected by "Simply Forms" addon is only used for the indicated purposes. With the exceptions listed below, we will never give away any personal information including your e-mail address to any third party.

We only store the minimal amount of data required to provide our service. The following information is collected, stored and processed by Simply Forms in order to function properly and to be able to deliver the best user experience:

  • Display Name
  • Avatar
  • Email Address
  • All user generated content, addon configuration and data collected using the forms within the plugin.
All data and information are solely used for the execution of the Simply Forms plugin. The data collected is strictly visible only to the users who have been given appropriate access to the data by the administrators of the plugin.

Data Retention Policies

We hold the data in your account for one year. After you terminate your account, your data will be automatically deleted from our database.

Cookie Usage

Simply Forms uses and creates no cookies by itself. As Simply Forms runs as a plugin inside Jira/Confluence there may be cookies created by Atlassian but Simply Forms does not read those cookies.

Update and License Checks

Our products may periodically check for available updates or verify license validity by connecting to our servers. As a part of update/license checks, following information may be transferred to us: (i) versions of the product, platform, operating system, or host product (such as JIRA/Confluence), (ii) details of the currently used license for our product and some details of the license for the host product (this may include SEN and Server ID for JIRA /Confluence license). The license keys are never transferred, so your license cannot be recreated or used elsewhere. We may use this information for analysis, verification and support of the end users. We may contact a technical contact person in your company with advisories regarding application support and licensing, based on this information.


The collected information may be disclosed only in the following cases:
  • - if we are required to do so by law;
  • - if Designextech LLC is merged or sold to another company.


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